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Although I saw a chiropractor for years, Dr.Pitman's  advanced chiropractic techniques were able to identify and alleviate previously undetected issues that may have led to my chronic back problems. Everyone in my family is treated by Family Tree Chiropractic and Wellness, and we feel fortunate to have Dr. Pitman in the Cincinnati area.
Dr. Jim Esmail
My son Nathaniel was only twenty months old when we came to Dr. Pitman in order to treat his severe allergies including a life threatening allergy to soy.  I finally became desperate enough to try an alternative treatment after Nathaniel became unconscious in the back of an ambulance due to an allergic reaction.

In a matter of weeks, Nathaniel was able to eat soy and other foods that he was previously sensitive to (casein, gluten, tomatoes, berries). Nathaniel is now a healthy and thriving little boy!

In addition, we have saved thousands of dollars on our grocery bill because we are no longer limited to expensive, specialty food. Thank you Doctor Pitman.
“My son, Jonathan is 19 years old and a college sophomore.  He injured his shoulder swimming at the age of 14.  Dr. Pitman helped him rehab his shoulder.  Part of his wellness plan was to use the “Airpack” backpack available at Family Tree Chiropractic & Wellness.  After 5 years of heavy use, the backpack and Jon’s shoulder are in great shape.  I urge all parents to purchase this backpack for their students.”
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"I am the mother of a child diagnosed with severe autism. Austin was diagnosed at age 2. We were told he would have a very limited life at best and it was possible he could be institutionalized as an adult. I immediately began devouring information about treatments for autism. 
We began traveling the country seeing every specialist for every recommended protocol in order to bring about Austin’s recovery. Our journey led us to New York, Florida, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Louisville and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Little did we know at the time, the best care we would receive was right in our own back yard.

Needless to say after two and a half grueling years of treatments and a draining of our resources, Austin’s condition was only worsening. By this time I was his only lifeline. Completely non-verbal, I was the only one who could reach him, care for him, communicate with him on strictly an instinctive, somewhat spiritual level. The situation was taking its toll and Austin was not getting any better.  

When we first arrived at Family Tree Austin was only 4 years old. He took no interest in strangers, other children or even family. He had little or no interests and had a great disdain for any doctor, teacher or therapist with whom he had come in contact. Usually visits or therapy sessions were extremely stressful for everyone involved and we certainly never felt welcome or accepted.
By the 5th NAET session Austin was responding to the treatment and Dr. Pitman. I was amazed. It did not take long for me to see the changes in his mood, behavior and sleep habits. He was listening better and actually responding, it gave me pause and I was cautiously optimistic. I will never forget when around the 20th treatment Austin sat down on the lobby floor to play with the other children waiting there. I stumbled out to my car and cried the entire 50 minute drive home. Little did I realize it was the beginning of Austin’s rebirthing process.  I am so proud of him. It’s almost been two years now since our first visit to Family Tree and his life and mine are changed in every way. Austin is excelling in school; he began to speak in January of this year and continues to improve.
- Diane Hance
Back Pain
Neuro Integration
Sports Injury
Thyroid Disease
I used to believe that taking Ritalin was my only chance of surviving the day. On the rare occasion that I would forget to take my medicine, everyone around me noticed because my thoughts were disorganized and my behavior was chaotic. 

After going to Family Tree for nutrition and NAET (allergy elimination), I slowly weened myself off of the drug.   I didn’t tell my husband or the rest of my family for weeks.  Once they found out, they could not believe that I was no longer medicated.

I no longer consider myself as having ADHD, and I feel much better now that I am off my medication.
                - Lynn Thesing
We just want to let you know that Dr. Pitman has been doing a very fine job for us.  We have been getting adjustments on a monthly basis for quite some time now. Dr. Pitman and members of his staff have helped us to have a good quality of life as we both suffer from arthritis.
- David and Lucy
I was very depressed, suicidal and lonely.  Neuro Integration opened my mind to clearer thoughts and released my negative feelings allowing me to grow and heal.                                                                           - D.D.
I was having a lot of difficulty with my lower back and legs.  They would hurt so much at night that I could not sleep.  I went through a series of treatments of reflexology, and my back and legs feel much better.
 Having been a client of Dr Pitman’s for many years, and inviting my family to also have monthly adjustments, it was on that day Dr. Pitman gave us a copy of his book that made things begin to shift in my life.

Believing I was healthy, the first time I read the book I was able to check off drinking purified water (#2), getting plenty of sleep (#3), monthly chiropractic adjustments (#5), exercising on the rebounder, not always consistent, but often (#6) and using Shaklee food supplements for 22 years (#8). I thought I was healthy. Yes, I was a 5 out of 10 – I felt really good about myself having that many. However, as I read further, I discovered I really am not taken care of my body as I should with the extreme weight fluctuation, along with eating fast food and drinking large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis, I was depleting my health daily.

The Purification (#7) chapter provided strong evidence that I’m not as healthy as I want and could be.

During our vacation December of 2013 I brought along the book, reading it now for a third or fourth time, but this time things resonated with me. I must do more if I wanted the longevity and vitality I desire well into my 90s or even 100s.

So January 2014 I made the decision to get healthy and started implement the commandments into my life. When I read our cells change every seven years, I was ready to change mine. I put down the alcohol knowing that this was the first and most important change I needed to make to move forward. I know longer wanted to be numb to my life – I wanted to be fully present – and that gave me the courage and strength to drop it without any treatment. While getting sober on my own for a few months, I started to think about doing more. Purification needs to happen (#7)

I had electromagnetic testing and found that my internal organs are working overtime to run my system: concerns with pancreas, liver, adrenals, thyroid, and even Candida. One prognosis was I could be a diabetic in a few years if I continued doing what I was doing. No way! I want longevity and 50 more years in this body feeling alive and vibrant for all of them.

To begin I added to the food supplements I already was taking along with herbal and homeopathic support. I changed my eating (#4) by eliminating dairy, gluten, fast food, frozen food, and finding better alternatives with fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts. I replaced meals with protein shakes adding kale and spinach, along with large salads with grilled chicken breast. Nuts and fruit for snacks. In a few weeks I noticed a big difference in how I felt. I’m sleeping better (didn’t realize I really wasn’t sleeping as well as I originally thought) and my stress (#9) subsided and/or is being managed much better with the clear mind and nourished body.

I was grateful just knowing what I read and implement from Dr. Pitman’s book I am rebuilding myself, and feeling the transformation at the cellular level. The side affect was my weight began to literally drop off. After 5 months my body is transformed. Going from a size 12/large to a size 4/small was the side affect of loving myself and building better health.

From the emotional and spiritual healing (#10) I’m now different. I’m living with purpose and it’s all for me. Not for others, not for a time and place, or special event, for me and my health. God gave me one body and I have to take care of this gift. I started on the rebounder a few months ago and every day I take 15 minutes to rejuvenate all my cells.

And as for the last commandment which is #1 in the book, but the last one for me to fully embrace, is prayer. Every day I give thanks and gratitude to God for supporting me in this journal, for the program, the book, and Dr. Pitman’s gift of healing! I’ve truly been blessed and am grateful to share my story and support others as they find their way to ultimate health.

​I have a family history of thyroid disease. Six years ago my OB/GYN did a blood test and found I had hyperthyroidism. This led me to a visit to our family Doctor, but by the time I got the appointment, more than a month later, I had gone rapidly downhill. I now had rapid heart rate, weight loss, anxiety, exhaustion. I could not vacuum the family room without becoming exhausted.  

The most common treatment in the US is to kill the thyroid by radiation and then to take synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of your like. The radiation is so strong that the recommendation was to not be around other people for a week after treatment in order to protect them from the negative effects of the radiation. But, I would be blasted with that same radiation, so I wondered, how is this good for my body?

When I did see my family Doctor, he recommended a radiologist, but I wanted to see an endocrinologist who would evaluate my thyroid before I took such a drastic step.
 I found a new Doctor who was very respectful and listened to my concerns. I asked her, “If this is an autoimmune disorder, why don’t you just fix the immune system?”
“We can’t do that,” she said.  

However, she was willing to let me take synthetic thyroid for an extended time to see if my thyroid would correct over time. After a year and nine months, I was still on meds and not seeing much improvement. When all of this started I felt like the Lord said to me…two years. So, I asked if I could continue for 3 more months.
At the two-year mark I had a normal functioning thyroid! My medical doctor said, “People as bad-off as you were, don’t get better!” But I did anyway! What she did not know was that I had also been going to an alternative doctor for the last two years. I am grateful to the alternative doctor I found who treated me for allergies (I was allergic to everything I ate but coffee). These alternative treatments did work temporarily, they just did not last. 

 At that time, I had a friend tell me of her success with Dr. Pitman. I checked out his website and made an appointment. He confirmed all of the things my other alternative doctor said about the autoimmune system dysfunction and about the allergies. He had a different type of treatment…NAET (Nambrudipad’S Allergy Elimination Technique). I don’t know how to describe NAET, but it was gentle and it worked quickly. No shots, no fasting…just success!

Before Dr. Pitman would start the NAET treatment, he wanted to get my body stronger. For a few months I just took supplements and got chiropractic treatments to help strengthen my body. The NAET treatment only took two to three months to complete. I was feeling better all of the time. After I had been seeing Dr. Pitman for about a year I could see so much improvement and kept feeling better.  

 Dr. Pitman had one last recommendation. He wanted me to get all of my amalgam fillings replaced with porcelain. I had a fear of the dentist since I was a kid and avoided going therefore, I had a lot of large fillings! I did not like the idea of having them all drilled out and replaced. For a while I avoid the call to the dentist. Finally, I decided I had to do it. It was the one last thing Dr. Pitman was recommending. Everything else he had done had helped me so much, so I decided to trust him for this last step. It took two sessions to replace all of the fillings. I did not like it, but I did it anyway. I am so glad I did! I could tell a difference the morning after the first treatment. After the second treatment and over the next few months, I felt even better. My brain was clearer. I had a longer attention span, and I could concentrate better. I had started to have trouble recalling words and that went away. My whole body just felt stronger. I was less anxious and more confident. Following everything Dr. Pitman recommended led me to the healthy place I am today.

When I started with Dr. Pitman, I was hanging on by a thread to try to maintain my health. I now have found lasting success and a healthy autoimmune system. I would recommend Dr. Pitman to anyone who is struggling with an autoimmune issue! 

"Dr. Pitman is a vessel that changes lives and gives second chances everyday in Jesus' name.  He has been a mentor, a guide, a motivator, and a healer."

Emotional and Spiritual Healing