The Ten Commandments of Ultimate Health
The Ten Commandments of Ultimate Health, is a new way of thinking and living that can lead to a healthier and happier future. Dr. Pitman utilizes biblical teachings and recent research to explain how to stay healthy in a world plagued with illness. 

Dr. Pitman was an ailing child. He found little relief from his medical doctors forcing him to look outside of conventional medicine for answers. This book details Dr. Pitman's story, the Ten Commandments of Ultimate Health, testimonials, and tips for avoiding morbific stimuli (the yucky stuff that makes us sick). 

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Having been a client of Dr Pitman’s for many years, and inviting my family to also have monthly adjustments, it was on that day Dr. Pitman gave us a copy of his book that made things begin to shift in my life.
Believing I was healthy, the first time I read the book I was able to check off drinking purified water (#2), getting plenty of sleep (#3), monthly chiropractic adjustments (#5), exercising on the rebounder, not always consistent, but often (#6) and using Shaklee food supplements for 22 years (#8). I thought I was healthy. 

 Yes, I was a 5 out of 10 – I felt really good about myself having that many. However, as I read further, I discovered I really am not taken care of my body as I should with the extreme weight fluctuation, along with eating fast food and drinking large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis, I was depleting my health daily.

The Purification (#7) chapter provided strong evidence that I’m not as healthy as I want and could be.

During our vacation December of 2013 I brought along the book, reading it now for a third or fourth time, but this time things resonated with me. I must do more if I wanted the longevity and vitality I desire well into my 90s or even 100s.

So January 2014 I made the decision to get healthy and started implement the commandments into my life. When I read our cells change every seven years, I was ready to change mine. I put down the alcohol knowing that this was the first and most important change I needed to make to move forward. I know longer wanted to be numb to my life – I wanted to be fully present – and that gave me the courage and strength to drop it without any treatment.

  While getting sober on my own for a few months, I started to think about doing more. Purification needs to happen (#7)

I had electromagnetic testing and found that my internal organs are working overtime to run my system: concerns with pancreas, liver, adrenals, thyroid, and even Candida. One prognosis was I could be a diabetic in a few years if I continued doing what I was doing. No way! I want longevity and 50 more years in this body feeling alive and vibrant for all of them.

To begin I added to the food supplements I already was taking along with herbal and homeopathic support. I changed my eating (#4) by eliminating dairy, gluten, fast food, frozen food, and finding better alternatives with fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts. I replaced meals with protein shakes adding kale and spinach, along with large salads with grilled chicken breast. Nuts and fruit for snacks. In a few weeks I noticed a big difference in how I felt. I’m sleeping better (didn’t realize I really wasn’t sleeping as well as I originally thought) and my stress (#9) subsided and/or is being managed much better with the clear mind and nourished body.

I was grateful just knowing what I read and implement from Dr. Pitman’s book I am rebuilding myself, and feeling the transformation at the cellular level. The side affect was my weight began to literally drop off. After 5 months my body is transformed. Going from a size 12/large to a size 4/small was the side affect of loving myself and building better health.

From the emotional and spiritual healing (#10) I’m now different. I’m living with purpose and it’s all for me. Not for others, not for a time and place, or special event, for me and my health. God gave me one body and I have to take care of this gift. I started on the rebounder a few months ago and every day I take 15 minutes to rejuvenate all my cells.

And as for the last commandment which is #1 in the book, but the last one for me to fully embrace, is prayer. Every day I give thanks and gratitude to God for supporting me in this journal, for the program, the book, and Dr. Pitman’s gift of healing! I’ve truly been blessed and am grateful to share my story and support others as they find their way to ultimate health.

After the Ten Commandments of Ultimate Health
Before the Ten Commandments of Ultimate Health