Cranial Balancing Services:
Gentle Manipulations to Ease Stress

Cranial Balancing services in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area to help relieve tension
and stress in your myofascial system

Relieve Tension and Stress in Your Facial and Nervous System

Have you ever felt tension or discomfort in your neck or jaw? Many people are sitting in front of a computer for most of the day. As a result, some report experiencing tension and discomfort in their neck, shoulder, and jaw. Other times, people may experience pain or tension following an injury.

Cranial Balancing is a gentle, hands-on therapy that can relieve
tension and stress. This approach focuses on realigning the individual bones of the cranium to remove any distortions contributing to your pain or tension.

How Does Cranial Balancing Work?

This light, gentle touch helps to reduce pressure off the central nervous system and different structures in the head. Therefore, it may help reduce pain in the head, face, and neck.

Typically, cranial balancing takes up to three sessions for full effectiveness. This approach is sometimes used prior to chiropractic adjustments.

This service can be used on anyone from infants to senior adults.

Gentle Cranial Balancing Services
to Relieve Tension and Stress

Here at Family Tree Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we focus on helping families in the greater Cincinnati, OH area safely recover from injury, surgery, or health conditions. We’ll support you through every phase of recovery, from diagnosis to active recovery and your prevention stage.

Diana Phillips, LMT is a licensed massage therapist who has been providing cranial balancing and massage therapy for over 10
years. Her safe, gentle cranial balancing services can help relieve stress and tension in your neck, head, and face. She’ll work with you to ensure that cranial balancing is the right approach for you at
this time.

Call us today to explore whether a personalized, homeopathic approach can help you start healing your body naturally to achieve an active, healthy life.

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